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Welcome to the website for the Mid-Atlantic Region Association for Asian Studies (MARAAS).

MARAAS is a non-political, non-profit scholarly organization dedicated to bringing Asia and America together. Since 1971,  MARAAS has offered conferences, publications and outreach activities to an increasingly large public in the mid-Atlantic region. It facilitates contact among educators and professionals in such fields as business, law, government, and mass media. MARAAS is successful in carrying out its mission because of the individual support it receives from its membership. We very much appreciate your support.

If you would like to join MARAAS or submit a proposal for our annual conference, please create a site username and password by clicking in the box on the lower right. Be sure to confirm your account via email BEFORE logging in to register. After confirming your login information, you will be able to join MARAAS formally as a member (either individual or institutional) and begin the conference registration process.

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